Welcome to the Southern Methodist College online program. We began in 1956 to prepare men and women for Christian life and service. We are committed to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture. We believe the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition is closest to Scripture.

We operate as an arm of the Southern Methodist Church and are not under government control. We are linked with like-minded institutions in order to teach Scriptural Christianity over the world.

This program is specifically designed for those preparing for ministry and those who have already begun. Do not think of this program as a distraction from your ministry. Church leaders are always reading and growing. If you use this program as it was intended, what you learn online can be transferred and applied to your ministry responsibilities.

This program is not easy. This is not a “diploma mill.” One of the greatest lessons you will learn is time management. While everyone is not created equal with regard to financial assets, everyone has 168 hours per week. Your courses are designed as eight-week modules. You are on your own. Each weekly assignment will be due 168 hours after it was assigned. You will need to juggle family, church, work, study, and rest. This must become your pattern, even after you have graduated. Those in pastoral ministry will be expected to deliver a message from God’s Word every week.

Your instructors live this same lifestyle. There is no substitute for the discipline of ministry. But your instructors also understand the doctrine of grace. We are not requiring what is impossible. We understand and have lived through crisis times. Rest assured that we are praying for your success. If you encounter a crisis, please contact your instructor and see what can be worked out. The devil would like nothing better than for you to get discouraged and quit. However, you need to build up a track record of diligence.  Some people are addicted to crisis and have an extenuating circumstance every week! Such a pattern becomes a red flag and you will find that “grace” may be mixed with “judgment” if we spot those red flags.

Essentially, this program is designed to change you into a better person so that you, in turn, can change your world. The only hope for this world is the kingdom of God and you are joining a long tradition of saints and martyrs. May God help us to be faithful to you and may God enable you to be faithful to your calling!


In Christian fellowship,

Dr. John Hucks, President

Southern Methodist College